K hukha community has been very fortunate to have had individuals who devoted their valuable time and resources to serve khukha community. There are many examples of individual efforts as well as group efforts in the form of different assosiations. It was the result of these individuals' efforts which resulted in foundation of association which have been successfully serving Khukha community, not only in Khukha village but abroad as well, mainly England.

Khukha Death Committee has been successfully managed and run for over 3 decades now. Khukha.net is very grateful to Late Haji Nazeer Ahemd for his efforts to succesfully set up and run the first Khukha Welfare Association back in 1975. Currently it is run and managed by the kind efforts of Haji Saghir Ahmed son of Haji Nazir Ahmed (Late) of Bolton. The first meeting was held at his home in Pakistan in 1975 and the collection of funds started in Englan soon after that. Haji Nazeer Ahmed himself was mainly collecting funds from people of Khukha living in different cities of England. This association was a great success and its organisors and members eventually founded 'Khukha Death Committee' as it was very important and beneficial to provide support to a family at the death of a close family member. This was of course achieved by the help and contribution of all khukha residents living in UK at that time.

Currently there are more than 75 members of this committee who contribute 3 each month for Khukha Daras Sharif and Mosque. This donation is sent over to Pakistan every 3 months. Each member is paid a sum of 1600 at the death of a family member, regardless of the Body taken over to Pakistan or burried in England. It is well known by everyone that there are lots of individuals working for the benefit of khukha community in one or the other form i.e. arranging the collection of funds for Khukha mosques and Daras, Qabaristan, Janzah Gah, Soprts ground and so on. khukha community would be very pleased to know the details of individuals, groups and their activities who are involved directly or indirectly in any current voluntary projects. Please send as much as information as possible about the association, their aim and the details of active members.

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