K hukha community has been very fortunate to have had individuals who devoted their valuable time and resources to serve khukha community. There are many examples of individual efforts as well as group efforts in the form of different assosiations. It was the result of these individuals' efforts which resulted in foundation of association which have been successfully serving Khukha community, not only in Khukha village but abroad as well, mainly England.

Keep Khukha Klean (KKK) is an organisation which is established in October 2005 by the efforts of Haji Mohammed Arshad son of Late Haji Subedaar Mohammed Ashraf who currently resides in Bolton, UK. The organisation is funded by family and friends of Haji Mohammed Arshad, mainly from UK. However, since the main objective of KKK is to carry out all the work and any projects back in Khukha village, KKK is managed by Alhaj Choudhary Mohammed Asghar son of Late Haji Subedaar Mohammed Ashraf. Any work carried out is supervised by Haji Master Riaz Ahmed. KKK is also supported by Nazim Mazhar Iqbal and General Councillor Alhaaj Choudhary Iftikhar Hussain. The main objective of KKK is to set up projects to make Khukha hygienically safe and to improve the safety for the people of Khukha village. And this would be achieved by providing first ever bins throughout the village, building up new and repairing existing household drain channel (Naali), providing a regular clean of drainage system throughout the village and removing any rubbish from the streets. The following is the detail of all the work carried out so far in Khukha; • The provision of six new bins, located at six different locations throughout the main streets • Metal covers for household drain channel running between o Late Haji Chairman Noor Illahi’s house and Janaza Gah o Mistry Haji ahmed’s house and Janaza Gah o Between Haji Khurshid’s shop and qabristaan (Grave yard) o These were repaired again later • Regular thorough cleaning of streets and removal of all rubbish by Tractor and trolley; 5 trolleys so far • Repair of household drain channels (Naalis); o In front of Patwaar Khana o Main Gali’s various parts; from Muhammad Rafi’s house alongside the Haji Maqsood Ahmed’s house to Subedaar Major Gazanfar’s house; near Ghulam Muhammad’s house, opposite Haji Yaseen’s old house o From Muhammad Boota’s house to Patwaar Khana o Haji Khurshid’s shop to Patwaar Khana o Near Nazim Mazhar Iqbal’s house o Near Sittar Niazi’s house o Near Muhammad Nazir Hali’s house o Near abdul Gafoor’s, Mohalla Pashoria, house I Haji Mohammed Arshad would like to take this opportunity to thank all my family members and friends who co-operate, by financial and physical means, for their kind contribution to help set up and run KKK projects. Special thanks to alhaaj Mohammed asghar and Haji Master Riaz ahmed for all their volunteer work. With everyone’s help, I am hoping to take KKK a step further by undertaking more projects regularly to make Khukha one of the hygienically safest villages in District Jhelum. I would be very pleased to hear any feedback relating to any issues or work mentioned above. I would also be grateful and consider any work which needs to be carried out in Khukha, should it be brought to my attention. Please feel free to send me any feedback or comments either by filling in the details below or you may contact me at the following telephone numbers; • UK: 0044 1257 274044 • Pakistan: 0092 544 631127 May I take this opportunity to make a very big request to everyone and especially those who are from Europe and America and visit Khukha, to use the bins provided to fulfil their purpose and to set an example for younger community of Khukha village. Finally, I would also like to say special thanks to Haji Muhammad Sarfraz Aslam and Haji Zaffar Ali, UK, for their efforts to set up and run Khukha.net. We do visit the website regularly and believe that it’s serving a great benefit for the whole Khukha community.

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