The Dynamic Family Tree allows you to search for a specific person and its ancestors. Just enter a name and choose your search options, then press "Search" to help find a pecific person. The people list is arranged in alphabetical order of "Person, Father, Grandfather and so on". Check the spellings of the most common names such as 'Mohammed' and 'Ahmed' etc.
Choose a person from the list. Choose what type of family tree you wish to display, then press "Find".
Family will travel from that person, back the amount you specify, then list all of the descendants to the selected person's children. For example selecting "Father" will display your father, your brothers, your children and your nephews.
Ancestors will display the person's father, grandfather etc. back to the specified limit.
Descendants will display the person's children, their children etc. to the specified number.
A link as "CLICK HERE FOR TREE" would appear just below the search criteria, once you search for a specific name. Right click on the link "CLICK HERE FOR TREE" and choose "Save target as" to download and save the search result.

Microsoft Paint has a problem opening large images - you may need to use another program for large trees.


Can't find someone? Send their name, their father's and grand-father's name to and we'll add them.

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