Here is your chance to express honest opinion about any issues such as the state of Khukha road and streets, politicians and the handling and the management of various projects. being a big village, Khukha always has had different projects going through different phases such as planning, design and under construction. There are many other issues such as the poor water sewage system, lack of a hospital facilityor even shortage of space in Qabaristaan (Graveyard). would request its visitors to contribute as much as possible about any issues to make sure that these issues are addresses. This page remains anonymous so you don't have to give your name with any comment you post about any issues.

The state of Khukha road

On arrival at Islamabad from UK I couldn’t wait to walk the streets of my Khukha village. Leave the exit at GT (Great Trunk) road onto Khukha road, the first point of contact to Khukha; PAY 10 RUPEES OR YOU CANT GET TO KHUKHA. if you are brave enough to ask what these 10 Rs. are for, you are told its the TAX to repair the road. You may be told to ask GOVERNOR, THE MIGHTY NAAZAM. From the toll point to the village, the road is in such state a bad state that all the PIA food in your stomach gets digested. I then rented a car for two weeks to travel into and out of Khukha and on every occasion at toll I had to pay 10 rupees. One day I thought that I’ll ask the governor (Naazam) of Khukha that I as everybody else pay toll tax but when are you getting the road repaired? I was informed that the work would start at the end of the month (which was end of august), but it never. So to everyone from Khukha keep dreaming and paying toll tax but nothing is going to be done. If you try doing anything or raise your voice you will reported to law for wrong doings by the NAAZAM as he has done in previous cases. HOW OUR ROAD CAME INTO THIS STATE, well Mangla dam needed sand and a private company got contract and used our Khukha road using heavy goods vehicles. The private truck company offered to leave the road in good repair once they finish their work IF THEY WERE TO BE EXEMPT FROM TOLL TAX .THE GOVERNORS DISAGREED AND REQUESTED THEIR TOLL TAX PROMISING THE PUBLIC AFTER THE LORRIES HAD FINISHED THAT THEY WILL REPAIRE THE ROAD THEMSELVES. I sincerely believe that this was a wasted opportunity to had Khukha road repaired by this company. So to conclude, the people of Khukha and surrounding villages either keep dreaming OR LETS ALL UNITE AND DO SOMETHING. ANY SUGESSTIONS ANY MAGICAL CURES WELCOME.

By: Anonymous

Khukha or sukha

Hi my dear ones I am Mian Ali Akbar from chakjamal and want to say about the village called sukha that this village contains a heavey history in its streets and its land. This is the real place where peoples come to see that historical land from where Mehmood Ghaznavi came look for the perfect place before lot of years ago. This history is well known by some people in pakistan and specially khukha. This is a perfect village and need to improve its image.

By:MIAN ALI AKBAR (SHAR-E-PUNJAB) CHAKJAMAL JEHLUM; Email: cell phone: 03335862587

By Admin: Mian Ali Akbar you may be mistaken because khukha and sukha are two different village miles apart!! There is no such historical records that link our village Khukha to Mehmood Ghaznavi.
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